GaN power modules for high-power drive train applications

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Kyocera AVX (Salzburg) is now working on the next level of power modules, based on GaN technology.

Gallium nitride semiconductors are already entering the market for switch-mode power supplies, however there are currently no power modules for drive inverter applications available. Kyocera AVX  latest development will close this gap with  a power module platform to enable GaN based semiconductor to enter the market of high-power drive train applications. Switching frequency far beyond silicon carbide semiconductor, ultra-low losses, and high reliability at competitive costs: These are the key elements of  gallium nitride power modules.

A new design approach is necessary to support the advantages of gallium nitride semiconductor technology. Stray inductance below 5nH, optimized gate control loops a vertical integration of the semiconductors (cascode) and clip-bonding to replace the wire bonding process are the main factors to enable to maximum performance of this unique module. Additionally, the thermal performance of the entire system is on an outstanding level, realized by high thermal conductive ceramics, sinter technology and an optimized water cooling.

The system is available in different power ratings for voltage levels up to 750V.

Special characteristics:

  • Highest power density
  • Stray inductance below 5nH
  • Integration of base plate or water cooler
  • Module can withstand reflow processes.
  • Qualification according to ECPE AQG325 on request
  • Scalable switching architecture to optimize costs.
  • Available in custom Half-Bridge, B6-Bridge, and multi-level topology.