50W wireless power amplifier joins IoT market

Louise Smyth

GaN Systems has announced the availability of its new 50W wireless power amplifier. It’s small, low cost and designed for lower power applications in industrial and consumer markets for items such as power tools, IoT devices, handheld terminals, medical devices and household robots.

This evaluation kit adds to GaN Systems’ solutions that include the 100W power amplifier and 300W power amplifier that are designed to support, simplify, and speed up the innovation of wireless power transfer systems. These kits combine GaN Systems power transistors with high frequency GaN E-HEMT drivers from pSemi and are designed to be consistent with AirFuel standards.

“Wireless power is growing, and technologies need to progress quickly to overcome the current technical challenges in the market,” said Paul Wiener for GaN Systems. “In the area of wireless power transfer, designers are demanding solutions with spatial freedom, high power, and high efficiency, which, by definition, requires high frequency GaN-based solutions.”