Four-channel current-feedback power amplifier IC for car audio

Jon Lawson

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced a new, 49W-per-channel power amplifier IC for automotive audio applications. The four-channel TCB501HQ provides high output power and low distortion, and detects output offset voltage.

Similar to high-end hi-fi audio systems the IC integrates a current feedback system. This prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths, improving sound consistency and the listening experience.

Conventional offset detection during sound reproduction is particularly difficult to manage. To address this, the TCB501HQ integrates a newly developed, full-time offset detection circuit. It also detects output DC offset voltage caused by leakage from the input capacitor and other sources, even during sound reproduction. Additional embedded protection circuits include thermal, overvoltage, output to VCC, output to GND, output to output protection and a short circuit detection function.

Housed in a HZIP25-P-1.00F package, the TCB501HQ also features built-in mute and standby functions, a high-side switch driver and 6V operation.