Bluetooth comms for Coriolis flowmeters

Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is available for all Optimass meters with the MFC 400 VE54 converter ER 2.1. and later. BLE in conjunction with the free to use Opticheck Flow Mobile app allows secure wireless communication using a smartphone or tablet. The firm states that Optimass sensors with MFC400 converter and BLE are the only SIL-certified mass flowmeters on the market allowing Bluetooth communication. Similar to the concentration measurement feature, the Bluetooth software is implemented in the MFC 400 VE54 ER 2.1. and later but deactivated unless ordered. The Bluetooth communication can also be activated on previously shipped meters. Field activation is by code and by setting the hardware switch to ‘on’. When using hazardous area approved mobiles or tablets the Bluetooth communication is also possible for hazardous area applications.

Opticheck Flow Mobile is a mobile app for wireless on-site commissioning, verification and monitoring of Optimass devices. There are many advantages for end users and service teams.

Firstly, a variety of commissioning tasks can be done wirelessly: zero calibration, configuration of diagnostics, NE 107 configuration including mapping of events to NE 107 statuses, monitoring of meter performance and application parameters, and many more.

Secondly, a variety of monitoring tools include graphically display measurement readings, set the threshold for gas entrainments/ two phase signal, measuring recordings, visualise entrained gas progress over time to align with other process events, and select which NE 107 status is signalled when exceeded.

Thirdly, a variety of fast on-site verification tools can be performed without interruption of measurement for the current status of hardware, software and measured values.

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