Flexible-boot cable assemblies

Paul Boughton

Molex Incorporated’s FlexiBend MPO/MTP flexible-boot cable assemblies optimises cable routing and supports low profile installations where cabinet doors or front panels might interfere with traditional straight style bend limiting boots at OFC 2014.  These optical cables can be used in datacom, telecommunications, medical, and industrial equipment cabinets and rack-to-rack applications. The  assemblies feature flexible bend limiting boots which allow cable exits in varying positions from straight to a 90 degree angle.

“Optical cable routing grows increasingly challenging when installing hundreds of fibres in dense optical patch panels,” said Eve Leal, product manager, Molex.  “FlexiBend MPO /MTP flexible-boot cable assemblies help solve cable routing issues by giving installers the ability to bend and direct the exiting fiber in any direction within tight configurations like equipment cabinets and high-density racks.”

Molex FlexiBend assemblies are designed with strain-relief boots that use a flexible and durable steel internal wire which allows an installer to position the boot in place.  The ‘stay-in-place’ boot provides strain-relief, but can easily be repositioned without disconnection in order to modify routing requirements while the cable is in service.

Available in 12- and 24-fibre round cable options, FlexiBend is compatible with any MPO receptacle or active QSFP, CXP and CFP modules.  Singlemode and multimode cables provide options for transmission link distances using OM3, OM4, OS1 and OS2 fibers. MPO/MTP FlexiBend boot cables have been mechanically tested to GR-1435, ISSUE 2 specification to ensure product performance over 25 bends in various positions.

“Manufacturers and installers of high density hubs, router and server equipment need the right tools to effectively manage cable routing in compact spaces.  Designed to be bent by hand, the round cable MPO/MTP FlexiBend boots can be positioned as needed—0, 45, 90 degrees—for easier installation and maintenance of cable plant,” added Leal.

For more information, visit www.molex.com