Film manufacturing costs cut with new compressor

Paul Boughton

Renolit is a leading international manufacturers of high quality plastic films and associated products for technical applications. Ever on the search for greater efficiency, Renolit arranged for Thorite engineers to visit the plant and carry out an extended data-logging survey on their compressor system, which powered the complete manufacturing process.

The results of the data-logging checked the performance of the three existing fixed speed and one variable speed Boge compressor, highlighting that the Boge was undersized for the job it was being asked to do. Overall energy consumption for all four compressors was 28,524Kw of electricity per week, at a cost of £2139. Thorite proposed replacing the Boge with a new HPC CSDX165SFC variable speed compressor, plus a SAM 4/4 3D controller and visualisation package, capable of automatically adjusting compressed air output to suit varying power demands.

The survey predicted the uprated compressor system would cut electrical consumption by at least 400Kw per week, resulting in annual savings of over £15,000. In fact, now the new equipment has been fully installed by Thorite the results are even more dramatic: Energy consumption has fallen to 20,369Kw per week, at a cost of just £1559, with annual savings of over £30,000!

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