New compressor for pneumatic conveying systems

Jon Lawson

Gardner Denver has unveiled the latest technological update to the Robuschi compressor range, specifically developed for industrial plants requiring a low-pressure solution for pneumatic conveying systems.

The Robox Screw low-pressure unit is ideally suited for a range of pneumatic conveying processes, from transporting powders or granules such as plastics, flours or seeds, to transferring air and neutral gases.

The unit offers enhanced efficiency due to its internal RSW compressor. The rotors optimise the capacity-pressure ratio the unit is capable of delivering, due to its maximum internal compression rate and the reduced number of revolutions required.

Providing pressure up to 1 bar and capacity up to 10,500m3/h, the unit’s simple design means all routine maintenance can be carried out from the front of the compressor, ensuring operators can check oil levels, replace drive belts and oil and air filters, and adjust oil pressure quickly and conveniently.

Gareth Topping, from Gardner Denver, explains: “The Robox Screw low-pressure compressor reduces energy consumption by between 15 to 30% when compared with some other technologies. Businesses can also take advantage of a customised solution if needed, to meet individual requirements.

“With a simple, compact design and an average payback period of two years – depending on the application and operating conditions – many plants could realise a range of efficiency and cost-saving benefits from investing in this new technology.”

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