Encoder now even more robust for extreme operating conditions

Paul Boughton

Johannes Huebner Giessen has taken the series 40 and 60 of its absolute encoders to the next level and modified them to withstand use under extreme operating and ambient conditions - as can be found in steelworks and rolling mills, mining, ports, and crane systems.

Compared with current models, the new series are equipped with larger ball bearings with a higher dynamic load rating and so the absolute encoders are less affected by wear and damage during prolonged heavy use.

Huebner has also expanded the range of available interfaces - now, there is a parallel output additionally to familiar interface types such as Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet, Ethercat  and SSI.

Parallel outputs facilitate very rapid information transfers as data can be communicated via connections that run parallel to each other - unlike bus technology, which requires data packages to be sent in succession. In addition, the series 41 from Huebner is an absolute encoder that comes with SIL3 / PLe safety certification in accordance with the IEC 61508 / EN 13849 standards. Profibus and Profinet interfaces are already available and others are currently being planned.

Thick aluminium casing and the sealed interior guarantee that the encoders remain absolutely reliable even in the most ex-treme ambient or industrial conditions. All devices are equipped with secured bolt connections to protect against vibration, together with feather keys and keyways for form-fit shaft connections. The new series are also constructed to attain protection classes IP 66 / IP 67, making them suitable for use in saline environments.

The series 40 is available in two versions. One has a solid shaft (11 or 14mm in diameter) for mounting the encoder using a coupling, while the other has a hollow shaft (20 mm in diameter) for direct mounting of the encoder on the drive shaft. Single-turn resolution reaches 16 bit max. (65,536 steps), while multi-turn resolution reaches 12 bit (4,096 revolutions). If requested, ie for additional attachments, Huebner can also supply a second shaft end for the solid-shaft device. This permits an encoder to be designed so it is capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -40 °C and shocks of up to 450g.

The new series 60 models are hollow-shaft devices with a bore diameter of max. 50 mm and feather keyway. This series of absolute encoders is particularly suitable for attaching additional devices. Thanks to its B14 flange it offers a stable basis for further attachments.  

For more information, visit www.huebner-giessen.com