Chip encoder series enhanced

News Editor

Featuring built-in eccentricity compensation and wide tolerance alignments, the groundbreaking line now offers new sizes and capabilities for OEM applications including surgical robots

Celera Motion recently announced new sizes and capabilities for its AuraTM Absolute Chip Encoder Series of rotary and linear optical encoders with MicroE technology.

The new Aura encoder line extension products will meet all the typical sizes needed in a robot arm, from small end effectors at the end of the arm to the upper shoulder joints.

“This new product will be an incredibly precise and highly accurate encoder in a small package to meet customers’ high-performance needs,” said Mike Mainvielle, VP Product Management and Marketing, Celera Motion. “We are excited that Aura-C will offer an easily integrated, low-power absolute encoder option that will help in the advancement of demanding customer applications.”

Aura is an optimal solution for high-volume OEM applications including:

  • Surgical robots
  • Cobots, robot joints and grippers
  • Exoskeleton and wearables
  • Semiconductor

The Aura line extension enables an even wider range of customizable scale sizes, along with standard glass offerings ranging from 18 mm to 63.5 mm rotary OD and new-to-market linear scales lengths ranging from 9 mm to 195 mm.

“Our focus has been to advance the performance of our optical encoder products over the past couple years,” Mainvielle said. “The Aura for large rotary and linear scales is a fitting line extension to that growing product line.”

Aura solves the largest source of angular error, eccentricity, which is caused by off-center scale mounting and bearing runout. Two encoders are often employed to compensate for the error increasing cost and power consumption. Aura solves the eccentricity problem with its built-in compensation algorithm thereby eliminating the need for the second encoder.