Enclosures offering protection for the lighting industry

Louise Smyth

Lighting and especially outdoor lighting can be subject to challenging environmental conditions, from dust ingress to high levels of moisture and temperature variations. Lighting enclosures, therefore, must incorporate a range of high performing features to withstand such conditions. LED bulbs in particular now have an extended lifespan, demanding a more robust enclosure to achieve a complete system that can endure the elements for a longer period.

Utilising the attributes of die cast aluminium, Deltron manufactures a wide range of durable enclosures that offer resistance to moisture ingress, corrosion, dust, impact and EMI; essential features for any lighting application.

Deltron’s latest portfolio addition is a range of IP68 Corrosion and Impact Resistant Enclosures that are manufactured from aluminium alloy GD-AlSi12. They are ideal for the placement of lighting in harsh environments as they offer enhanced resistance of up to 1000 hours in salt spray, combined with high impact resistance of 7 joules, as per EN 50014.

Tom Downing, Product Manager at Deltron Enclosures, commented: “There is demand for enclosures that can offer greater corrosion resistance than provided by standard aluminium. In addition, all IP testing has been carried out after impact testing to verify that the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly. This range of enclosures offers our best protection yet over the combined effects of water, impact and corrosive environments.”

With Deltron’s bespoke design service, any enclosure can be modified to meet project specifications and industry regulations with drilling, cut-outs, milling or silk screening and engraving. Powder and nylon coatings are also available to offer additional resistance against the elements and an aesthetic appeal.