Customisable upscreening and sorting process flows

Paul Boughton

Littelfuse Inc has expanded its offering of High-Reliability Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diodes available with customised upscreening and sorting process flows.

These components, which protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning surge and other transient voltage events, have been specially screened and sorted for use in DC line protection in aviation electronics and other applications that demand high reliability. 

Littelfuse High-Reliability TVS Diodes are suited for DC power protection and ESD protection

Littelfuse High-Reliability TVS Diodes are suited for DC power protection and ESD protection in aviation electronics (avionics) like FADEC, airplane sensors, avionics computers, fly-by-wire flight control systems, cockpit electronic equipment, and airport landing aid systems. Other uses include industrial applications such as the energy industry.

In addition to components with customisable upscreening and sorting process flows, Littelfuse has expanded its off-the-shelf upscreened High-Reliability TVS Diode offering with two new series: SMBJ‑HR Series and SMBJ-HRA Series. Both are available in compact SMB DO-214AA packages and are rated for 600W of peak pulse power dissipation. Both have undergone 100% screen sorting; the SMBJ-HR has also undergone Group B (surge test, HTRB, and electrical) test sorting.

Customisable process options available to meet customers’ high-reliability product performance requests include visual monitor in process, single wafer lot source, high temperature storage life, X-ray inspection, reflow (2X), temperature cycle test, 3 Sigma & dynamic test, customised Vbr/lr, additional sorting, HTRB, H3TRB, good traceability, and labelling.

“Once, obtaining high-reliability TVS Diodes required shipping commercial-grade components to outside subcontractor labs to perform the extra sorting processes. That meant the customer had to accept a substantially longer wait for delivery and significantly higher component costs,” said Charlie Cai, Global Product Manager/Hi-Rel and Automotive TVS Diodes. “Now that Littelfuse is making process flows customised to the customer’s requirements available directly, buyers are assured of high component quality and can obtain parts much more quickly and economically.”

Littelfuse High-Reliability TVS Diode Arrays offer these key benefits:

* Military screening process flow ensures high reliability to meet the requirements of aerospace, military, industrial, and medical applications;

* Selection of high reliability sorting flows, which can be customised on request, provides the flexibility to address a variety of applications;

* Standard voltage ranges and power ratings allow for incorporating High-Reliability TVS Diodes into circuit designs easily in compliance with the RTCA/DO-160 Standard (Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment).