Constant power modules

Jon Lawson

Very different from conventional switch-mode power supplies, the small and durable Bias Power (BP) constant power modules are a product designer’s dream.

They have the widest input and temperature ranges of their class, making them able to tolerate virtually any power line or environmental condition.

The output is equally strong and will not ‘hiccough' or shutdown when pushed, which means there is no need to overspecify/add headroom to get the performance that your circuit demands. This means you may be able to use a smaller, less costly, power supply than you first thought.

With no additional EFI/RFI suppression required in most designs, BP modules are a cost-effective and complete, drop-in solution, suitable for today’s demanding control, wireless, IoT applications.  

Prime Base Incorporated has been implementing these newest power modules in numerous designs with their OEM customers providing power solutions for today’s challenging market segments.