Compact high brightness 5.7-in touch LCD panel

Paul Boughton

Advantech's has announced IDK-1105, a 5.7-in VGA (640 x 480) industrial grade LCD panel with resistive touch solution.

Although in a compact format, the 5.7-in LCD panel is already embedded with an LED driver board and LVDS interface, making it easy to integrate with embedded boards.

IDK-1105 supports 500 cd/m2 high brightness and wide operating temperature of -20°C to 70° C and is suitable for semi-outdoor applications such as vending machines, in-vehicle applications and portable devices.

IDK-1105 features a 5.7-in VGA industrial grade LCD panel with LED backlight built in saving 20 per cent power consumption. It is equipped with 4-wire resistive touch screen which enables accurate and reliable single touch operations. Its 500 cd/m2 high brightness makes it able to display sharp and clear images even under semi-out door environments.

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