Compact all-round high voltage amplifier

Paul Boughton

Falco Systems introduces a new, compact and all-round high voltage amplifier for laboratory use: the WMA-100. It offers a wide range output voltage (±175V), DC offset control, and impressive bandwidth (DC-500kHz) and noise (350uVrms) specifications. This new amplifier generates no overshoot with any capacitive load.

Combined with its modest price and small form factor, it is the ideal choice for any experiment that requires a high quality and reliable high voltage amplifier.

The specifications are:

* 20x amplification up to +175V and -175V output voltage (with respect to ground)

* DC to 500kHz at (-3dB) large signal bandwidth and 100 mA output current

* Very low noise at ~350 uVrms; even lower when capacitive loads are driven

* No overshoot with capacitive loads; bandwidth changes automatically to ensure stability

* Short-circuit protected output

* Adjustable DC offset control knob

*Available from stock, in a 230V and 115V version.

Typical applications include the use of the WMA-100 amplifier as a high speed, low noise piezo driver, an amplifier for actuating MEMS devices, or for steering EO-modulators. It can also be used as a standalone low noise high voltage power supply.