Combined linear and rotary actuator resists contamination by dust

Paul Boughton

SMAC is introducing the upgraded LAR31 linear and rotary electric actuator that features vacuum capability built into the shaft through the rotary motor. The vacuum assures that any external objects (eg dust) are ejected through the other end, which prevents dust build-up in the unit. This reduces maintenance downtime and improves production efficiency. The actuator has a mean time between failures in excess of 100 million cycles.
The SMAC LAR31 series electric linear and rotary actuator is equipped with a standard encoder resolution of 5um, with options of 1um, 0.5um and 0.1um resolutions. Repeatable positioning is to +/-2 encoder counts. Further to this, highly accurate placement is possible thanks to shaft run-out of 10um. The unit has no backlash, low repeatable friction and very low hysteresis. The LAR31 series actuator is compact, measuring only 140mm x 77.25mm x 35mm, with a stroke length of 30mm; an alternative version measures 180mm x 77.25mm x 35mm with a stroke length of 50mm. The actuator can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time. This enables the unit to press with specific force and measure displacement.
Each unit offers multi-functionality with the ability to assemble and test components with additional life test and measurement functions. The actuator also has SMAC's innovative Softland function that enables the unit to gently land on a surface and then apply the specific force required to set the part. This is useful for handling fragile components without causing damage.
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