CAD conversion for PDM integration

Jon Lawson

The 3D_Evolution 4.0 CAD converter Software Suite of the software manufacturer CoreTechnologie (CT) is a complete solution for an easy integration in Product Data Management (PDM) systems. It also comprises the so called Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) allowing for a multi-processor computation.

With that, a complete Conversion Engine System is joining together: With the innovative EDM process manager as well as the proven 3D_Evolution converter and the 3D_Analyzer Viewer, CT is now offering a single-source solution which can be quickly and easily integrated in PDM environments to convert and view CAD data, the scope of which we expect will be unique.

With the 3D_Evolution converter, this holistic system has direct interfaces for all major CAD systems and formats such as CATIA V5/V6, NX, Creo, Solidworks, JT and STEP.

In the batch-process, the superordinate EDM controls the high performance due to conversion in a scalable way and due to the possibility of multi-processor calculation. The EDM takes care of the license availability of the converters as well as an optimal workload of the main memory on the conversion server.

All conversion jobs are managed in a central job-list and can be automatically entered therein via command lines as well as a directory scanner tool. Moreover, the EDM offers a web interface by means of which special conversions can also be infiltrated in the computer queue outside the PDM process.

With the 3D_Analyzer, CT additionally offers a CAD viewer which offers functions for an easy integration. The viewer comprises all major CAD readers as well as advanced analysis functions e.g. model comparison, a wall thickness checker and clash detection of assemblies. Within a few seconds, the viewer displays even extremely large assemblies of several hundred megabytes which have been saved in the native CT format beforehand. The 3D_Analyzer Viewer can read the precise B-REP description of CAD models which allows for absolutely precise measurements on bore diameters and distances.

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