CAD conversion

Jon Lawson

German-French software developer CoreTechnologie has released its new modern graphics concept for its CAD interoperability software, 3D_Evolution.

The completely new graphical user interface particularly excels even when run at maximum display speed as well as providing straightforward operability with all 3D assemblies, small to large.

Conversion with extremely powerful native CAD interfaces

The efficient conversion software 3D_Evolution takes a leading role in this field by affording the possibility of smartly converting 3D models. With extremely powerful native CAD interfaces, it is possible to read out all relevant information, such as assembly structure, meta data, product manufacturing information (PMI) and construction history, which actually lists all features with their parameters.

The CAD interfaces have been developed by CoreTechnologie for data conversion free of CAD licenses, therefore they allow maximum independence and cost reduction of individual native CAD files, including: Catia V5 and V6, NX, Creo, SolidWorks and Inventor as well as STEP, IGES, JT, DWG, DGN and 3D-PDF. For highest B-REP model quality, the conversion takes place with data analysis according to VDA 4955/2 and SASIG, as well as automatic healing and manual data repair.

Geometric simplification for all 3D models within seconds

While 3D geometries contain much sensitive intellectual property (IP) information resulting from long development efforts, this data provides one of the most important information mediums as of today.

Also, in case of very large and complex 3D assemblies and big file size that goes beyond the range of import and handling performance, efficient geometric simplification and data reduction of entire plants, shipping platforms or machinery constructions are often necessary.

To solve this issue, the tool 3D_Evolution SIMPLIFIER is a way to decrease the file size significantly within the shortest calculation time for higher performance results in third party softwares. Basically, two functions of the 3D_Evolution SIMPLIFIER realise effective model simplification: The SIMPLIFIER creates envelopes and lightweight models of each existing body by deleting wall thicknesses and merging all clashed geometries. The SHRINKWRAP tool detects outside geometries in order to delete the inner detail of assemblies. The resulting data size of such 3D models provided as volume solids can be reduced by more than 80% and can still be used for factory and plant layouts, virtual reality and digital mock-up applications etc.

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