Actuators proven for hydrogen

News Editor

With rising demand for green hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, AUMA offers a full range of electric valve actuators meeting all requirements for the safe and reliable handling of hydrogen. Recent orders have proven the performance of AUMA actuators right along the hydrogen value chain, from hydrogen production, storage, transport and distribution to hydrogen utilisation.

Utmost safety is a must as hydrogen is highly flammable. AUMA’s comprehensive portfolio of certified, explosion-proof actuators provides plant operators with safe automation solutions for any type of valve and any type of application, from simple on/off operation to challenging automation tasks such as high-precision operation of control valves. Extended safety options include actuators certified for use in safety related systems up to SIL 3. The company also offers failsafe solutions that guarantee safe opening and closing of valves in the event of a power failure.

The new Tigron actuator series is especially suited to hydrogen applications, offering IIC T4 explosion protection for a particularly wide temperature range from -65 C to 75°C. Tigron actuators are easy to use and easy to integrate into any kind of control system. High-quality mechanics, robust design and built-in intelligent diagnostics ensure long-term reliable operation, reducing maintenance work in potentially hazardous areas to a minimum.

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