Smart actuators transform valve precision in hazardous environments

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New small and smart actuators offer high-precision valve control for petrochemical and hydrogen applications, says Heike Schmeding

Plant operators benefit from a versatile, cost-efficient actuator series that meets all the requirements of modern plant automation. The Profox platform developed at AUMA includes multi-turn, part-turn, and linear actuators, offering automation solutions for all valve types in the lower torque and thrust ranges with applications including control of choke valves on wellheads. Compact design makes Profox a good fit for tight spaces such as skid installations.

Profox actuators are ATEX and IECEx certified for the highest gas group IIC T4, which includes hydrogen. Other approvals are in progress. Built-in intelligence makes the actuators equally suited to open-close duty and modulating applications; and motor speed is adjustable, ensuring fast and precise valve control.

Host system integration is flexible and easy. Profox actuators support the most common communication protocols, including Profibus, Modbus and Profinet, and are well-prepared for future evolutions. Embedded data logging facilitates advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Profox actuators are simple and easy to use, with rapid installation and commissioning via push buttons or an app. High-quality design and construction ensure long life and make Profox an ideal choice for tough process conditions.

Heike Schmeding is with AUMA.

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