Actuators ensure future-proof automation

News Editor

AUMA’s Profox electric actuators are now available with Profinet communication, making them a perfect choice for high-precision valve control within Profinet networks. With their innovative diagnostics and enhanced connectivity, Profox actuators ensure future-proof plant automation.

The actuators provide reliable, high-performance valve automation for process applications of all kinds. They also gather a multitude of diagnostic and device data that can be easily used by the DCS or higher-level systems, thanks to Profinet communication, enabling plant operators to benefit from increased efficiency and optimised process control.

Profox actuators offer direct Profinet integration, without the need for gateways. MRP media redundancy is available as standard, and S2 system redundancy as an option. An integrated web server for testing and diagnostics as well as a field device integration (FDI) package facilitate commissioning.

With the Profox platform including multi-turn, part-turn and linear actuators AUMA offers versatile valve actuation solutions for the lower torque ranges. The compact actuators are ideal for tight spaces such as skid installations. Motor speed is adjustable, ensuring fast and precise valve control. Operating costs are low, thanks to high mechanical efficiency and low standby consumption.

The actuators are simple and easy to use, with rapid installation and commissioning via an intuitive app. High-quality design and construction ensure long life even under the toughest process conditions.

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