Chassis targets research community

Paul Boughton

MicroTCA specialist VadaTech has launched a new high power chassis aimed at the needs of the research community.

The VT813 is a 12-bay high power unit capable of supporting 4,000W of AC power for the new MTCA.4 specification.

The integral power supplies can be programmed in a range of redundancy configurations, giving users the ability to balance reliability, cost and overall power requirements. The power supplies and cooling systems are sized to support over 100W per AMC slot, ensuring the most power-hungry payload cards can be used. The VT813 is a feature-rich MicroTCA chassis with fully redundancy, telco alarm and optional JTAG switch module.

The MicroTCA chassis uses the AMC mezzanine cards from the larger Advanced TCA specification and is designed primarily for the high-energy physics community, contains a number of innovations important to that market, including aluminium construction, a backplane layout designed for balanced clock latency and teh precise timing needed by researchers, as well as advanced airflow design.

“MTCA.4 remains a strong area of focus for us,” said Saeed Karamooz, founder and CEO of VadaTech which late last year set up a new European headquarters in the UK. “By leveraging our full range of MicroTCA infrastructure products and innovating in power and cooling design, we believe we have generated a unique product that meets the exacting needs of the scientific community. We also see MTCA.4 having a strong future, both within the scientific community and out in industry."

MTCA.4, based on the MicroTCA standard, defines MicroRTM Rear Transition Modules for signal conditioning and enhancements for precision timing. While defined and adopted by the scientific community, particularly for high-energy physics, it is finding its way into aggregation layer, video and service-based applications.

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