Components for noise reduction screens and acoustic enclosures

Paul Boughton

MiniTec UK Ltd has introduced a new range of noise reduction components that enable fast and effective construction of acoustic enclosures and noise abating safety screens using its well proven Profile System machine base and structural framing solution.

The MiniTec Noise Reduction System includes 20mm and 34mm thick acoustic panels in a range of sizes and finishes together with special fixing and sealing elements that combine with base frames built from the modular MiniTec 45 mm extruded aluminium profiles - and with Profile System including a wide selection of building block ancillary components such as wheels, handles, hinges, windows and doors - complete multipurpose systems can be built to suit the individual needs of each application.

To meet the budget and performance requirements of both simple and sophisticated noise reduction systems, two panel designs are available with a number of options.

The 20mm panel is a sound absorbing PU foam material that is bonded to a sheet material for its stiffness and strength. Available sheet materials include 2mm thick aluminium or steel fitted with special insert seals which slot into the aluminium profile. [Page Break]

The PU material may also be bonded to 8mm thick chipboard panels for a low-cost solution. The alternative 34mm thick noise reducing panel provides ISO 140-3 certified sound insulation and is capable of a noise reduction of 25 dB(A) on a regular basis if applied correctly. This panel features a specially designed laminated construction with a premium mineral wool fibre core sandwiched between a perforated steel internal plate and a zinc plated solid steel outer plate. This panel is assembled into the frame slot using a special ABS sealing strip and clamping system with optional bolt locks if required.  

Both panel types are available in several sizes (including the Profile System frame),  from 250mm x 250mm up to 1m x 2m, allowing maximum flexibility for the finished enclosure design. Metal panels supplied with both systems can include a durable varnish finish in a choice of RAL colours. Both internal and external acoustic screens and enclosures can be supplied.

With the rising costs of occupational health and its consequential production downtimes, as well as the added benefits of reduced noise in the working environment leading to increa­sed productivity, the MiniTec Noise Reduction system will appeal to companies who require a fast track, ergonomic and visually attractive solution to active noise reduction control. [Page Break]

MiniTec provides a complete design and build service for noise reduction systems and the new components are also included in its free of charge iCAD Assembler software which allows machine builders and designers to conceptualise, plan and cost their own machine designs across the complete range of Profile System and Linear System machine framing and automation components. A comprehensive guide to the new noise reduction components and their application in active noise control is also featured in a new 8-page brochure - available as a PDF download from

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