Ultra compact thermal imaging camera for machine vision

Paul Boughton

The small size of the new FLIR A35 brings effective, discrete and affordable thermal imaging to any production line. It is fully compliant with both GeniCam and GigE Vision protocols making it instantly ready for quick and easily network installation. Communication and power are supplied via one cable.
The FLIR A35 is suitable for open loop, high-speed applications whose quality and control can be governed by thermal contrast rather than accurate temperature measurement. And it can also enhance working safety as an effective early warning system for fire or hotspots.
Image frequency is 60Hz and users can choose the performance that best suits the need; 8-bit streaming of high contrast non-radiometric data or 14-bit image streaming that provides the edge for a wide range of real-time vision applications.  
Thanks to its 336 x 256 pixels resolution and <50mK sensitivity, the uncooled FLIR A35 captures clear image details and small temperature variants in a range from -40˚C to 550˚C. It is designed to make it easy for the manufacturer to validate and increase product quality and throughput, minimise waste and improve profitability.
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FLIR Commercial Systems BV is based in Breda, The Netherlands. www.FLIR.com

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