Multi-battery power system for medical and industrial applications

Paul Boughton

Leading battery design, development and manufacturing company Accutronics is set to launch the Intelligent Power Vault, a Lithium Ion multi-battery power system for medical and industrial applications.
Intelligent Power Vault (IPV) is a new battery system that can be used to power medical and industrial devices when high energy density, reliability
and functionality are critical requirements.
Available in configurations between 126Wh and 1.42kWh, each IPV draws power from multiple 63Wh or 89Wh VR420 Lithium-Ion smart batteries, which are inserted into the IPV's innovative racking system. DC power is available either as raw battery voltage or regulated to suit customer requirements.
The IPV also provides a wealth of vital battery data to its host equipment via its USB and serial interfaces - ensuring that data such as remaining
runtime is reported accurately and efficiently.
Recently launched credit card sized rechargeable batteries for portable applications have received a high level of interest from OEM’s and Design
Consultants for use in medical devices, portable electronic equipment, diving equipment and hand held devices.

The CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries have been developed by Accutronics in response to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) demand for a compact rechargeable Lithium Ion battery solution that is available on a short lead time.

The products feature 3.7V Lithium Ion cell technology coupled with an impedance tracking fuel gauge, active protection system and a compact connector system, all contained in a package with a footprint identical to that of a credit card.
Regulatory approval of customer devices is simplified as both batteries are CE marked and have been tested to IEC62133 (safety) and UN38.3
(transportation) standards. Both batteries are supplied with comprehensive technical back-up and a number of useful accessories which enable the OEM designer to easily integrate the battery into the device system.

“The demand for this kind of product might seem surprising, given the abundant use of Lithium ion batteries in consumer electronic devices such as
mobile phones and laptop computers,” explained Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager at Accutronics. “However, batteries designed for consumer
markets do not satisfy the requirements of OEMs in the quality-driven professional electronic device sector, so we’ve created these new credit
card batteries to satisfy OEM demand”.

Accutronics’ credit card sized batteries, come with an active electronic protection system that makes them resistant to over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuit.

Meeting internationally recognised standards for safety and transportation. Both the IPV and the credit cards sized are exempt from Dangerous Goods
shipping regulations, minimising the cost and complexity of freighting.
The Intelligent Power Vault, VR420, CC2300 and CC3800 are examples of products that Accutronics have available as standard solutions.

“This reduces the time and cost associated with development and regulatory testing eaning customers get their devices to market faster,” said Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager.

For customers who require a completely bespoke battery solution, Accutronics esign, develop and manufacture a wide range of batteries developed for some of the world’s leading device OEMs.

Accutronics is also sole distributor for the Inspired Energy battery range f standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories.

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