New open or closed washdown versions of helical bevel gear units

Paul Boughton
The new two-stage helical bevel gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are designed as washdown versions that can be cleaned easily – cleaning liquids wash off in all installation positions.

Designed to withstand frequent intense and aggressive cleaning processes, they are equally suitable for use with acids and alkaline solutions. The gear unit housings, which are manufactured from die-cast aluminum, resist corrosion considerably better than steel models.

Through additional measures, such as the innovative NSD tupH surface treatment, they can be equipped with extra protection for specific applications. The gearboxes are particularly suited for use in conveyor technology and in the food industry.

Further applications include hoists, storage facilities and overhead conveyor systems. The series covers five frame sizes with torques ranging from 90 to 660 Nm. All models are available in two versions: an open frame style – extremely lightweight, yet with a very sturdy construction – and a closed type. D

esigned according to the proven UNICASE principle, the gear unit housings require neither an inspection cover nor a screw-on input cover and are therefore especially small and lightweight. Compared with its predecessor model, the power density has been improved by 60 per cent while the lubricant volume has been minimized. Since the installation measurements remain essentially the same, users can easily replace existing gear units.

The compact new gear units feature larger, highly resilient output shaft bearings and are therefore suited for high forces. If required, optional double seals ensure increased safety. The gear units are equipped with a short IEC adapter. They can be combined with NORD's complete state-of-the-art range of motors and with motors from other manufacturers – allowing customers to flexibly configure drive solutions.

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