Going straight with linear range

Paul Boughton
Maintenance-free, wear, corrosion and dirt resistant, a low coefficient of friction and light in weight are all benefits of the igus DryLin linear bearing range.  
Unlike re-circulating ball bearing systems, igus linear bearings operate on sliding plain bearings, this means that a larger surface area is available, resulting in lower surface pressures, which then give a lower friction, this then allows softer materials to be used such as, hard anodised aluminium, free-machining steel and 316 stainless steel.
In keeping with the igus 'maintenance free' promise, all igus bearings are dry running, thus keeping applications free from grease, dirt and oil.

Furthermore, the clever product is grit and debris repellent, purely because when in motion, all unwanted particles are flicked away, quite similar to a window wiper. In addition to this, the plain bearings operate with hardly any noise, much quieter than traditional linear bearings.
igus DryLin linear bearings are used in a variety of industry sectors and applications, such as guide doors for machine tools, bottling machines in the food sector and filling and sealing machines – all of which now run dry with no maintenance.

A short video demonstrating the igus drylin linear bearings can be viewed at: www.igus.co.uk/videos/iguslinearbearings
For more information, visit www.igus.co.uk

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