Bus cables for moving applications

Jon Lawson

High-end bus cables are of critical importance for engineers building systems with dynamic motion requirements. Applications with demanding movement typically utilise energy chains for cable management.

Low-end ‘chain-suitable’ bus cables usually feature simple extruded outer jackets and open shielding, which in dynamic motion can lead to abrasion damage and interference. They also tend to have a layered design with poor guidance of conductors, resulting in lower signal quality.

Conversely, high-end bus cables, such as chainflex CFBUS from igus, feature pressure extruded outer jackets and optimised shield braiding. They are designed to stand up to dynamic continuous motion over high cycle rates, resulting in reliable and durable EMC safety.

Short pitch winding and pressure extruded inner jackets also ensure high signal quality at all times.

igus chainflex cables for energy chains are designed to work flawlessly over long periods, withstanding many cycles and extreme ambient conditions, as well as torsion, and high speeds and accelerations.