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Paul Boughton

Robust plug connectors are designed for demanding applications with high power levels.

Plug connectors for outdoor power supply systems must ensure a dependable transmission of electric current under rugged conditions. Mobile applications call for robust design and a large number of mating cycles.

The Multi-Contact plug connectors of series 16BV and 21BV are designed for demanding applications with high power levels. Depending on their version, these robust single-pole round plug connectors are in conformity with protection classes IP65, IP67 and IP68. They are touch-protected in accordance with IP2X when unmated. A safe, dependable contact is ensured by a bayonet locking system and colour coding. An optional microswitch on the switchboard signals when a connection has been made and can be integrated into a machine enabling safety circuit. The MC Multilams ensure high contact quality with constantly low transmission resistances throughout the life of the connectors, and permit a large number of mating cycles.

Electromagnetic shielding

16BV plug connectors for currents up to 530A have given excellent service in emergency power supply systems for many years. They are used, for example, in mobile emergency power supplies and for emergency infeed into transformer stations. Typical areas of application also include test facilities and switchgear. With protection class IP65, the 16BV is suitable for outdoor use.

The shielded 16BV-GS is designed to minimise electromagnetic emissions. Multi-Contact developed this connector as a customer-specific solution for power supply systems with a frequency converter for applications such as powering 3-phase motors. Fields of application include, for example, deep-drilling plant for geothermal energy and power chains of crane installations.

An additional shielding contact ensures continuous shielding and gives reliable protection from electromagnetic emissions. The 16BV-GS is designed for cable cross-sections from 120 to 240mm2. The receptacle is simple to install in the panel, and can be integrated from either the front or the back. With its captive protective caps and robust design, the 16BV-GS is suited for use in harsh conditions. The bayonet locking system is a unique feature in shielded plug connectors of this size.[Page Break]

Plug connector up to 800A

With the new 21BV, Multi-Contact presents a high-power solution with a current-carrying capacity of up to 800A and for cable cross-sections up to 400mm2. Simple handling is ensured by a new kind of bayonet lock. Its high resistance to penetration by dirt and water (IP65 and IP68) and its ability to withstand temperatures up to 120°C make it suitable for outdoor applications. The 21BV is used in mobile applications such as mobile emergency generators, power supplies for events, in production test facilities and many other areas.

High power levels

The Modular Power Connector MPC has been developed for power transmission in the electric traction train of rail vehicles. It is used for the connection of the transformer, traction motor, inverters and batteries and for power links between the carriages. With rated values of 3600V and up to 700A it is also suited for many other industrial high-current and high-voltage applications. The robust plug connector with protection class IP67 in its plugged state is designed to be used under rugged conditions. A range of insulators, all of which can be combined, are available for different contact diameters and cable cross sections from 10 to 240mm2. Up to 15 modules can thus be combined in a building-block system, and optional coding is available to prevent confusion of the poles. The MPC has been developed for the harsh environment of railway applications, and is therefore vibration- and shock-tested in accordance with DIN EN 61373 and corrosion-resistant (240h salt fog test in accordance with EN 60068-2-11).

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