Air compressor

Paul Boughton

In 2009, DV Systems in Barrie Ontario, Canada, started the process of developing more advanced compressor technology: a low-cost rotary screw compressor with a low amp start and high performance, designed for commercial applications. DV Systems came to the conclusion that a screw compressor with a Vacon X Series of variable speed drives would give optimum performance.
The NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure rating of the Vacon X drive gave maximum flexibility, since DV Systems could incorporate the drive inside the compressor enclosure, creating a clean finished compressor package with modular enclosure. Enclosure was required to maintain a stable operating temperature, and it also reduces audible noise and enhances the appearance of the unit. The NEMA 4 inverter enables the unit to operate in harsh environments without the risk of damaging the drive and its related components.
Further cost reduction was achieved by integrating the compressor controller directly into the Vacon X Series memory rather than using an additional control module. Pressure and temperature sensors are terminated in the drive, and the required intake valve and cooling system commands are also integrated. This makes it very easy to set-up and operate the compressor, ensuring it receives a good reception on the market

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Vacon Plc is based in Vantaa, Finland.

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