High speed separation

Paul Boughton
SWECO's latest in high speed separation, the SWECO Super MX Separator, is currently available in 48- and 60-inch diameter machines. This separation system provides its users with forces as high as 10 Gs and speeds up to 2200 RPM.
“This unit was a response to a market need for a high G, high-speed version of the premium SWECO Round Separator line,” explains Joe Smith, SWECO Senior Engineering Manager. “The Super MX provides a heavy-duty option for those customers who require an aggressive separator for their process”, Smith continues.
A few of the features of the Super MX include an external conical motor tube gusset, 5 HP motor with extra large bearings, heavier springs, thicker frames and spouts, and heavier weight guards.
The Super MX has been successful in several applications including various vegetables, toner powders, fine mica and metal powders.
SWECO serves the minerals, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper and many other industries with a complete line of separation, sizing and milling equipment.
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