Hot air blower

Paul Boughton
Volume of air and the heating power can, on the one hand, be regulated internally
A hot air blower is a combination of an air heater and a blower. There are now two types, the Hotwind Premium and the Hotwind System. In addition to changes in appearance to give an appropriate industrial design, the technical possibilities have also been extended.

Both models are fitted with two potentiometers for infinitely variable adjustment of the volume of air and temperature. The maximum air outlet temperature reaches 800 °C and the volume of air reaches an incredible 900 l/min. A brushless fan motor provides even more safety in continuous running in industrial applications.
On the top model, the Hotwind System, both the volume of air and the heating power can, on the one hand, be regulated internally. On the other hand there is a system interface for integration in a closed control system. This also has an alarm contact. The display now provides the user with all the necessary set and actual values. The Hotwind System also has an integrated thermal sensor which measures the temperature directly on the unit. This guarantees even more precision.
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