Flange connector system reduces assembly times and production costs

Paul Boughton

Frank Wiele outlines the benefits of using a flange connector system which simplifies assembly, maintenance and subsequent modification costs

In comparison with conventional welding, Parker Hannifin’s Parflange F37 flange connector system does not require either the time or cost for checking and cleaning pipelines. These high-pressure connectors help significantly to reduce production times and to further increase productivity.   
The Parflange F37 system was designed for piping systems up to 165 mm/6 inches outside diameter and pipe wall thicknesses of up to 5mm, and is suitable for pressures up to 420bar. It positively locks the pipes to each other.
Stress corrosion cracking caused by welding cannot occur, which of course prolongs the life of the piping system. Parflange technology also saves on energy because it is achieved with no external heat input.
Neither degreasers, anti-corrosion agents nor subsequent pipe cleaning are required. Where galvanised pipes are being used, re-galvanising becomes unnecessary since the zinc layer is not affected by flaring. There are no noxious fumes arising from either the flaring or assembly procedures and there are no fire or explosion risks. This means that applications are possible in locations with high safety levels, eg offshore platforms.
Intelligent flaring
With very short cycle times of from 30 to 60 seconds, the flaring procedure is simple. After flaring, a tube insert is introduced into the tube end, which then closes off all the potential leak paths with soft sealing, both to the flange side and also to the pipe. On the pipe side, the outstanding sealing properties are guaranteed by the O-ring and rolled surfaces. On the flange side, sealing is achieved with the specially-developed F37 seal, which prevents leakage caused by gap extrusion, even when flanges 'breathe' under pressure. Assembly of the flared tube with an appropriate F37 flange to the hydraulic system is achieved in a similar way to the welded version, with standard bolts and tightening torques, except that it is more user-friendly and the F37 flange is not solidly connected to the pipe but is axially rotatable and positively locked.   
Cr(VI)-free surfaces
Parflange F37 connectors are supplied as standard with Cr(VI)-free surfaces.  Components in stainless steel and with different surfaces can also be supplied.
And Parker offers its complete product range with Cr(VI)-free surfaces, which besides the Ermeto DIN fittings also includes other components such as, for example, valves and diagnostic connectors.
Standard connectors
This system, which is certified by leading classification bodies, conforms to terminations and hole patterns respectively in accordance with ISO 6162-1/SAE J518 Code 61 (3000 psi/210 bar), ISO 6162-2/SAE J518 Code 62 (6000psi/420 bar), and also with the ISO 6164 (400bar) hole pattern. The 3000 psi/210 bar series is also approved for pressures from 350 bar and 280 bar, depending on flange and pipe sizes. In this respect, for pressures greater than 210 bar, the heavier 6000psi/420 bar series does not necessarily have to be used. The product range has been expanded by the addition of the SAE 1000 series for low pressures (50-70bar). The pressure ratings possible depend on the type of pipe and flange size. Pipes from 16mm up to 165mm outside diameter, corresponding to flange sizes of ½ inch to 6 inches, can be processed.
For shipyards and related equipment manufacturers, Parker is available worldwide as a system partner for pipe connectors. This capability includes planning, engineering, pipe asembly, manufacture and installation, as well as tools and flaring machines. This makes procurement and stockholding easier and reduces costs. Added to all this, Parker has representation throughout the world through its branch network and distributors.
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Framk Wiele is Product Manager F37 Parflange with Parker Hannifin GmbH - Fluid Connectors Group - Tube Fittings Division Europe, Bielefeld, Germany. www.parker.com

Fig. 1. Parflange F37 connectors are supplied as standard with Cr(VI)-free surfaces.

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