Chains: the umbilical of modern machinery

Paul Boughton
Energy Chain is a mechanical system that controls, guides and protects data and energy supply (such as FieldBus, fibre optic, gas, air and liquids) via cables and hoses to moving equipment. In essence, Energy Chains are the umbilical of modern machinery.

igus E-Chains are designed to accommodate cables and hoses in many different types of applications, from the smallest printer right through to offshore cranes, from outdoor areas such as the Olympic Games through to clean rooms. Being modular in design, igus E-Chains can accommodate any length of travel.
Made of igumid G, a specially formulated polymer material, igus E-Chains can endure a variety of environments, including high pressure and loads, wide temperature extremes and all weather conditions, as well as resistance to abrasion, dust and chips.
The noise level of an E-Chain system is important too, so igus has developed special energy chains that measure from 33 dB(A) and deliver a smooth operation even in fast motion applications. In addition to this igus’ continual energy chain tests and numerous field applications prove the E-Chains are reliable in protecting cables in harsh environments.   
The advantages of igus E-Chains are that they have a long service life, short assembly times due to the modular design, short delivery times and a good price/performance ratio, which in turn offers a cost effective, safe and secure solution to the customer.

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