Ensuring your plant design is not an incident waiting to happen

Paul Boughton
Many recent safety incidents can be attributed to poor plant design, these incidents could have been avoided if fundamental design errors had been spotted and rectified at an early stage.
The way in which plants are designed and run has changed over recent years. Due to cost constraints much of the detailed design process is now done outside of the operating company by large design houses. The size of site teams has decreased causing increased workload pressures and a loss of vital historic plant knowledge.
This has created an increasing need to ensure the plant is designed to run safely and inline with best practice.
ABB Engineering Services is working with clients to address this need. It is working on both new build and existing sites to give an independent, expert set of eyes to uncover any underlying safety concerns through a process design- safety verification review. By testing and reviewing all design philosophies and safety processes any potential safety issues are identified, allowing the design or existing structure to be altered to reduce the risk of incident.  This is providing clients with the assurance that all their assets around the world are designed to run safely and are not an incident waiting to happen.
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