Information integrity management

Paul Boughton

AVEVA, a leader in engineering design and information management solutions to the plant, power and marine industries, today announced the publication of a comprehensive Operations Integrity Management (OIM) strategy for owner-operators in the oil & gas industry. Exploring critical business areas for both project and asset performance, the business strategy paper seeks to identify how Owner Operators can reduce operational cost and risk through an optimised information management strategy.

At the centre of the OIM strategy is the Digital Information Hub, a ecure store of information and its associated relationships, allowing sers to search, modify, control and collaborate across major capital rojects and throughout the long-term operation of their assets.

The supervision of major capital projects, complex handover operations, aintenance, engineering and regulatory compliance all demand structured information integrity. Poor information leads to poor decisions with otentially catastrophic consequences. AVEVA's OIM strategy allows Owner perators to control the quality and accessibility of critical project
and operational information, increasing productivity and profitability hile reducing operational risk.

The new OIM paper focuses on business areas identified as critical to success for Owner Operators. For the domain of Project Performance, focus is provided on improving Project Controls and the Commissioning & andover process.  In the operations phase where Asset Performance is key, focus is provided on improving Operations Readiness, In-Plant
Engineering, Operations and Maintenance and HSE & Regulatory Compliance.

"AVEVA has been providing 3D design and engineering solutions to Owner perators and Engineering Contractors for over 40 years. Our OIM strategy builds on this extensive experience by providing a very flexible approach to complex information management requirements.  With focus on managing the Digital Asset and an open approach the Digital
Information Hub allows Owner Operators to control and share information rom AVEVA applications, as well as, from other vendors.  We believe that customers must be able to choose the applications that address heir business requirements and that AVEVA's open OIM strategy is uniquely positioned to help Owner Operators, unlock the full potential of their engineering and business information, "said Simon Bennett, product Strategy Manager, Enterprise Solutions at AVEVA. 

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