Network controller for interfacing devices to open, IP-based networks

Paul Boughton
Barionet is a fully programmable network controller for interfacing devices to open, IP-based networks. With the Barionet, any device can be network-enabled and easily controlled via web browser and standards based automation systems.

Barionet is a modular component that operates either stand-alone or with other units, web servers and control systems, thus capable of building large, intelligent, distributed systems for a wide variety of commercial control, monitoring, and home automation applications. 

Numerous inputs and outputs make the device ideal for any kind of interfacing application. Barionet features twelve I/O pins, which offer digital and analogue input and digital output capabilities; two relays, which can be used to activate bells, door strikes, motors, blinds and lights; and two expansion ports, which offer connectivity to Dallas 1-Wire® devices, such as temperature sensors, and Barix extension modules. Two integrated bus connectors and the serial interfaces allow for the connection of a wide range of additional I/O modules and smart sensors from various manufacturers. The serial ports can also be used independently for tunneling applications.

The Barionet comes with software featuring fully documented interfaces, which support a variety of different communication methods. UDP and TCP, as well as higher-level protocols such as CGI and XML. SNMP support with a private MIB is available on request. The unit is programmable for stand-alone or connected operation using the Barix BCL environment. The language syntax is very similar to the well-known Basic language, so most programmers can instantly craft interface solutions. The built-in web server can serve user specific pages, which can contain data generated by the control program or the various inputs.

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