Connecting up motors world-wide

Paul Boughton
Flex-resistant cable expert igus introduces the Chainflex CF5 control cables and the CF6 shielded cable as a new standard with 600V rating according to UL. After a short transition period the bundled cables, which are now suitable for world-wide machine export, will replace the igus CF5/CF6 predecessors that are currently rated to 300V.

“By doubling the UL-rating to 600V, the new Chainflex CF5 and CF6 600V UL cables can be used all over the world for connection to motors,” explains Justin Leonard of igus UK. “In the USA, for example, many applications with motors prescribe a voltage of 480V. In addition, NFPA 70 prohibits cables of different voltages being routed in one cable channel. So, for example, if 600V is required in connection with a servo frequency converter, this is the strict requirement for all the cables used, even if these are actually operated at lower voltages.”

The new control cables have an outer PVC jacket that is resistant to oil according to DIN EN, and are bundled in very short pitch lengths around a highly tensile-resistant core rope. The copper stranding has been optimised for highly dynamic use in energy chains. The gusset-filled extruded inner jacket of the shielded “CF6 600V UL” family and the gusset-filled extruded outer jacket of the non-shielded “CF5 600V UL” family, route the wires within the cable in the longitudinal direction, significantly increasing the durability of the cable. Thanks to the specially designed braided shield with the high optical coverage of 90 per cent, high EMC protection is guaranteed even after millions of double strokes.

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