Single-chip solution includes mTouch technology

Paul Boughton
Microchip announces the eight-member PIC24FJ256DA microcontroller family, which integrates three graphics acceleration units and a display controller, along with up to 96Kbytes of RAM.

This integration reduces system costs and makes it practical to add advanced graphics displays for a wide range of embedded applications, by eliminating the need for external RAM and a display controller.  Additional savings are achieved through the integrated peripherals for USB and capacitive touch sensing. 

Microchip’s PIC24FJ256DA family makes it feasible for designers to migrate beyond fixed-function, segmented LCDs to STN, TFT and OLED displays with up to VGA resolution. =This family also features 24 channels of on-chip mTouch capacitive touch sensin , which enable a large number of buttons, sliders and keys.  Additionally, the integrated Full-Speed USB Embedded Host, Device and On-the-Go module allows end users to easily upgrade software, log data and customise settings.

Example applications for the PIC24FJ256DA family include: consumer (thermostats, cordless phones, remote controls, gaming accessories); home appliance (coffee makers, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines); industrial (points of sale, remote terminals); and portable medical (glucometers, blood-pressure monitors, portable ECGs).

To enable quick time to market, Microchip’s Graphics Display Design Centre provides a host of resources for application designers. This platform comprises Microchip’s free and performance-optimised Graphics Library, which comes with the full source code, supports multiple fonts and languages, and includes a host of pre-made graphics objects. 

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