Decanter centrifuges

Paul Boughton
In recent years, a large number of high capacity Decanter Centrifuges, have helped UK-based, Thomas Broadbent, provide cost-saving solutions for a large number of processing facilities in many parts of the Far East - allowing large-scale chemical manufacturing companies to increase output and speed production.

Initially developed by Broadbent for high throughput, continuous processes, these robust machines are amongst the largest available. For many users, their high capacity and increased throughput capability has proved to be extremely effective in optimising separation processes and increasing total throughput by as much as 25-40 per cent.

Continuous duty, these decanters require very little attention and in many instances have extended routine maintenance to a year or eighteen months.

Continuous development has also produced an improved formula for the manufacture of internal and external seal faces, enabling machines to operate 24/7 on lengthy periods of continuous duty, with no requirement for seal maintenance or replacement.

The machine's heavy-duty gearbox, incorporates an anti-chatter device to smooth out high torque and reduce the effects of cyclic vibration. This enables the decanter to operate on continuous duty and ensures that it achieves low cake moisture and high solids recovery whilst operating for long periods with minimum maintenance.

Development work has, says the company, also enabled the user to make considerable cost-savings on capital expenditure by installing a single decanter instead of the normal two.

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