EDDiE takes the hard work out of choosing vacuum fittings

Paul Boughton

Industrial and scientific vacuum company Edwards has added a fun and interactive selector for vacuum fittings, valves and gauges to its website. 

The new Edwards Digital Information Expert ‘EDDiE’ tool takes the hard work out of choosing the right vacuum fitting, making it simple for customers to decide between products and to source the solution that best meets their needs.

The easy-to-use EDDiE selector is a fun and visual way for visitors to obtain information on Edwards’ extensive range of fittings. There are over 600 products and accessories for customers to choose from, including valves, seals and clamps.

Scrolling over EDDiE highlights the various fittings, valves and gauges and users can click through to discover more detailed information about the ranges and products available. The tool can help OEMs choose the right product for their application and Edwards’ experienced and trained engineers are also available to provide additional help and advice on the most cost effective solutions.

“We continually look at how we can help customers to access information and guide them through our product ranges,” says Russell Coleman, job title.  “With the EDDiE selector we have created a visual way for customers to look through our extensive range, rather than having to trawl lists to search for the products they need.  EDDiE is a welcome new function on the site that will make it easy for visitors to access the information they require.”

The Edwards website is a gateway to all OEM pumping requirements and visitors can make purchases quickly and simply and access general company information. 

For more information, visit www.edwardsvacuum.com

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