Optical devices achieve higher data transmission rates

Paul Boughton
Avago Technologies has developed one of the most compact and innovative low-cost, high-bandwidth parallel optic devices for short-range data and communication interconnect applications. Avago's miniature 12-channel embedded Micropod parallel optics transmitter and receiver modules support lane rates of up to 12.5Gbit per second for an aggregate bandwidth of up to 150Gbps. These modules enable higher density interconnects than previously possible with other embedded or edge-mount pluggable optical or electrical interconnects.
According to Avago, these compact transmitter and receiver modules will pave the way in the development of next-generation supercomputers, networking switches and routers used in data centres, and in the science, research and entertainment industries. Versatile designs are possible, as the Micropod modules support data rates from 1 to 12.5Gbps in addition to being compliant to IBTA 12xQDR Infiniband and IEEE 802.3ba 100GBase-SR10 specifications.
Historically, the dominant form factors in embedded computing have been Snap12 and Pop4, with speeds up to 3.125Gbps per lane. Next-generation computing, switching, and routing systems will require terabytes of interconnect between nodes. Avago's novel Micopod modules, which have been designed to meet this market need, are claimed to offer unprecedented density to extend bandwidth capacity to 12.5Gbps per lane in a highly compact form factor. With dimensions of 7.8 x 8.2 x 3.9mm, these modules incorporate Avago's VCSEL and Pin array technology and IC technologies to optimise the modules for superior electrical signal integrity and optical performance. Signal integrity is further improved with the use of a micro LGA electrical interface to the host board.
US Conec's miniature detachable Prizm Lightturn connector, developed specifically for Avago's Micropod receiver and transmitter modules, provides the passive optical connection and enables the dense tiling of the modules on the host printed circuit board. The use of the Prizm Lightturn connector in combination with US Conec's MTP brand MPO style connector provides a significant increase in card edge port density compared to serial and parallel edge-mount pluggable alternatives. This design from US Conec enables simple, low-cost termination that requires no polishing of fibres and easy testing, while providing excellent coupling to Avago's modules.
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