Planetary gearheads can be connected to any drive motor

Paul Boughton
Thomson is introducing an innovative system that enables its True planetary gearheads to be connected to any manufacturer's drive motor quickly, simply and reliably. The Redimount system enables machine and component manufacturers to select the optimum combination of gearhead and motor for each application, and the modular system means gearheads and the mounting system can to be stocked separately. All Thomson Micron gearheads use an identical Redimount system, so components are always compatible.
In addition to the high degree of versatility it brings, the Redimount concept also helps machine designers by reducing motor installation time and avoiding installation errors such as misalignment. First, the system features a self-centring hub; this ensures concentricity between the motor shaft and gearhead pinion shaft and eliminates the possibility of excessive wear on components during operation. The reliable alignment of the motor, gearhead and shaft (shaft-to-shaft centring) described here is claimed to be a unique innovation in the marketplace. Another integral feature is the pre-assembled pinion that eliminates the need for time-consuming pinion positioning. This saves time during mounting and eliminates another frequent source of error resulting from motor mounting.
Using the Redimount system, the mounting process is streamlined as follows: the supplied adapter sleeve is inserted into the terminal hub of the gearhead; the gearhead pinion is then pushed onto the motor shaft with the clamping hub; the two screws from the terminal hub are then fastened through the opening in the Redimount adapter flange; in the final step, the motor flange is screwed to the gearhead housing.
Thomson's linear drive units will also benefit from the fact that they are supplied with the Redimount system as standard so that any servomotor can be specified without incurring additional expense. Because the Redimount adapter flange is precisely tailored to the dimensions of the provided motor, the length of the drive block will always remain unmodified - meaning that engineers are not faced with any problems associated with the mounting position during subsequent motor replacements.
Anders Trygg, product manager for linear units at Thomson, states: "With Thomson Redimount, conventional analyses, fitting problems and specifications of the connection sizes between the linear unit and the required motor are a thing of the past. All the customer needs to do is specify the part number of the Thomson linear unit as well as the manufacturer and part number of the motor, which the end user intends to use. We take care of the adjustment to the associated motor attachment without increasing the lead times or prices of the respective design."
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