Simplifying DC motor control

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The new TPD500 AC/DC converter offers improved connectivity and easy set-up

Motor, drive and gearbox manufacturer WEG has extended its integrated WEGmotion Drives offering with a new AC/DC converter that is designed to improve connectivity, performance and safety.

The TPD500 integrates seamlessly into ethernet-based fieldbus systems, enabling remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity. The converter is suitable for multiple applications including industrial hoisting, metal processing, cableways, test benches, plastic and rubber processing, electromagnets control, lifts for mines, amusement parks and electrolysis processes.

“The new TPD500 AC/DC converter is part of our WEGmotion drive offering, which provides machine builders (OEMs) and system integrators with a complete motion solution for maximum efficiency and reliability,” said Umberto Del Grande, Head of Product Marketing at WEG Automation Europe. “The improved performance, combined with flexible connectivity and configuration options, allow us to better meet the needs of DC motor control in multiple new and existing industrial applications.”

Key features

The TPD500 combines full backward compatibility with its predecessor with improved performance through increased accuracy, precision and resolution in current and speed control. These features make the converter ideal for system retrofits and new installations.

The TPD500 is compatible with the most widely used communication protocols, including Profinet, Ethernet-IP, Modbus TCP and Ethercat. The converter communicates seamlessly with external devices via Wi-Fi wireless connection or remote access via an IOT gateway.

Flexible installation options and ease of use enable quick and easy installation across multiple industrial applications. Users can develop customised machine control applications thanks to WEG DriveLogic programming environment, based on the IEC 61131-1 standard.

An intuitive programming keypad with LCD screen allows users to access extensive parameters and variables. The keypad can be placed on the converter or on the cabinet door, depending on application requirements. Users can access menus and parameters locally or remotely via the WEG DriveLabs configuration software.

WEG DriveLabs enables fast configuration of multiple drives in parallel. An APP version of this tool, WEG DriveTouch, will become available later this year, taking intuitiveness and user-friendliness to an even higher level on mobile and tablet devices.

Another core feature of the TPD500 is its integrated safety functions, including STO (Safe Torque Off) and SBC (Safe Brake Control).

The TPD500 range includes 2B/4B armature converters with two- and four-quadrant configurations and 12-pulse parallel and series bridges. Thanks to multiple standard and user-customisable functions, these converters are suitable for various industries, including hoisting, mining, metal, rubber and plastic, paper and amusement.

The TPD500-FC version is designed to supply strongly inductive loads such as electromagnets, inductances, synchronous motor excitation field circuits and galvanic applications.

The series also includes the TPD500-CU control unit, ideal for controlling any commercially available external power bridge. The control unit implements all the control systems required to complete an armature converter, such as snubber filters, field regulator, and control board, allowing for simple and immediate customisation of the power structure.


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