16-channel relay card

Paul Boughton

EasyDAQ has launched a new range of low cost, general purpose 16-channel relay card OEM products.

Offered with USB, LAN/Ethernet (XPort), Wireless (XBee), Serial and Internet interface options, the cards are commanded using a simple text character protocol. PC, Mac and Linux compatible and with a range of programming language examples available including LV/CVI, VB, VC, C#, Delphi, Dasylab, etc.

These products are suitable for a wide range of mains voltage or low voltage dc signal switching applications including industrial, aerospace, military, automation and test systems, medical, academic, building control, security, etc.

The card has 16 relays (designed to handle 240VAC@10A/30VDC@8A) and eight digital IO channels. Eight of the relays can be configured as either relays or DIO channels. The LAN/Ethernet version uses the popular XPort LAN module which offers an integrated web/email server, capable of sending emails in response to external DIO status changes.

The wireless version uses the XBeePro transceiver. It has a range of >100metres and is available with Broadcast or Unique address options.

These products add to EasyDAQ's family of software compatible 4-, 8-, 16-, 24- and 96-channel relay and DIO card products.

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EasyDAQ is based in Wimborne, Dorset, UK. www.easydaq.biz


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