Ionising bars use air-assistance for static control

Paul Boughton
Using state of the art technology, the innovative GO Stat 8000 series air-assisted ionising bars from Static Solutions provide highly efficient and virtually shock-free static control for a wide range of industries. Static has been called the 'invisible enemy' of manufacturing and can trigger numerous problems ranging from attracting dust that compromises quality to causing feeding problems in packaging applications.
These new DC ionising bars have been developed to give powerful and highly-effective output, with the air-assistance giving them increased range and making them suitable for both short- and longer-range installations. Constructed in lengths ranging from 60mm to 3m, the DC ionising bars are both rigid and robust; an integral fixing keeps them neat and secure on the system.
Ions are emitted from tungsten pins that ensure long-life ionisation, and the bars include a safety feature that means the operator does not have to come into direct contact with the emitters. All components are encapsulated so they can be used in harsh environments without the risk of dirt or moisture ingress.
Typical applications for the GO Stat DC ionising air bar include vacuum forming, injection and blow moulding, converting, screen printing and packaging.
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