Left- and right-hand plugs in Eurostyle format

Paul Boughton
New left- and right-hand plugs have been added to Tyco Electronics' line of wire-to-board, Eurostyle terminal blocks. This product extension provides additional configurations of wire access angles to the standard 3.5mm and 3.81mm vertical and right-angle headers. Typical applications of this product include control, input/output and field wiring.
A key feature of the plugs is their multiple wire access angles that mate with 90-degree and 270-degree header interfaces. Their rising, screw clamp orientation mates to industry-standard open- and closed-end headers on the same centreline spacing. In addition, they are end-to-end stackable without any loss of centreline spacing.
The plugs are UL-recognised and serve the industrial control, communication equipment and HVAC control markets. Other product options include custom marking, printing and colour selection.
For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com