New vacuum pumping units with electronic control

Paul Boughton
Diaphragm pumps are the No. 1 choice for vacuum generation in laboratories thanks to their high chemical resistance, oil-free operation and the possibility of solvent recovery (optional).
Vacuubrand offers complete pumping unit solutions equipped with the latest Vacuubrand vacuum controller CVC 3000 in three vacuum performance ranges.
At Achema 2009, Vacuubrand launched the new PC series offering a variety of ultimate vacuum levels and different vacuum control options. The PC 500 NT and PC 600 NT series control the vacuum using conventional two-point control via an in-line solenoid valve. The PC 600 NT series with an ultimate vacuum down to 1.5mbar is perfectly suited for applications with high-boiling-point solvents. Both series offer the advantage of models capable of simultaneous operation of two separate applications with only one pump. The PC 3000 VARIO series pumping units use frequency controlled pumps to provide fully automatic boiling point detection by continuously adjusting the volume flow rate to the changing process conditions. Depending on the pump configuration, an ultimate vacuum down to 0.6mbar can be achieved.
The new pump models have a compact patented drive system for uniquely quiet and low-vibration operation and smooth surfaces for easy maintenance and cleaning. No wonder this innovative design is setting new visual standards with an all new flame-resistant plastic housing meeting the highest requirements for chemical laboratories, these pumps are ideally suited for the wide range of applications with aggressive gases and solvent vapours found within the laboratory.
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