Connector handles copper cable and fibre optics

Paul Boughton
Harting is introducing a new hybrid fibre/copper connector that enables power and data links to be combined in the same rugged housing for ease of installation and maintenance in harsh environments.

The new Han 3 A hybrid LC duplex connector combines Harting's established and reliable Han 3 A housings with innovative hybrid inserts for fibre-optic and copper-based on LC fibre-optic connectors, in single-mode and multimode versions, or RJ45 connectors.

These high-quality, robust Harting connectors offer vibration protection and IP67/65 sealing as standard. These features help to make this Harting connector range suitable for applications such as FTTA (fibre to the antenna), FTTH (fibre to the home) or Wimax, where reliable outdoor connectivity is needed.

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