Have you switched to plugs in PTD yet?

Are you still using screw terminations, or have you switched to plugs yet? Oliver Semling encourages engineers to make the right choice

Sensor systems reduces explosion risk of distribution transformers

A new sensor system helps reduce explosion risk of distribution transformers

How can repair crews restore power faster using smart tech?

Smart tech helps repair crews restore power faster



How do you tackle fire risk in electricity substations?

Tackling fire risk in electricity substations

Enabling an ageing infrastructure to meet future demands

Innovative clamps and connectors for substations that are designed to help solve future energy needs

Contact solution of the future

Stäubli Electrical Connectors has introduced its newest creation, the ML-CUX from the Multilam flexo line, based on the two-component principle.

How can we avoid EVs overloading the grid?

Protecting the electrical network when large numbers of EVs charge is vital

Greener power cable is fully recyclable

Systems are designed at a higher voltage with large conductor cross-sections

The future of recycling for lithium-ion EV batteries

If the EV revolution is not to stall, batteries must be recycled or find a second life

AI detects disturbances in power supply grids

Artificial intelligence automatically detects disturbances in power supply grids

2019’s battery tech challenge

Developing markets mean opportunity and threat for battery technology

Battery research yields stable material

Hybrid material could create long-lasting silicon anodes

EV batteries get second lease of life

Difficult to recycle units act as off-grid power source

US charging system restored to health

Cable checks meant a temporary halt to some operations

Stepper motor for flammable environments

This is approved for Class 1, Zone 1 locations

Upgraded stepper motor offers more power

Magnets placed between the stator teeth redirect stray flux

Fast assembly covers for chokes

These steel units are IP20-certified and come in eight different sizes



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