Enabling an ageing infrastructure to meet future demands

Innovative clamps and connectors for substations that are designed to help solve future energy needs

Contact solution of the future

Stäubli Electrical Connectors has introduced its newest creation, the ML-CUX from the Multilam flexo line, based on the two-component principle.

Upgraded stepper motor offers more power

Magnets placed between the stator teeth redirect stray flux


Fast assembly covers for chokes

These steel units are IP20-certified and come in eight different sizes

Explosives project brings structures to the ground

Italian power station cleared with 50kg of explosives after 5 year phased decommissioning

In the fast lane

Fast-track deployment for UK battery energy storage project

Virtual power station

London’s first ‘virtual power station’ powered by domestic solar panels is to be launched

Grid balancing: the future

First lithium ion technology at the UK’s largest high temperature incinerator paves the way for industrial energy security

Huge LNG supply ship leaves port

The Kairos is making her way to Northwest Europe

Bright forecast

Achieving grid stability thanks to accurate solar energy online feed in and forecasts

Making smart grids even smarter

Richard Irwin explains why combining machine learning with the IIoT and engineering models could revolutionise asset management in the electric power industry

Industry is wasting a potential 44TWh each year

Power quality firm proposes energy savings in whitepaper

Power distribution in a challenging continent

Stewart Wittering explores the South American climate and how it affects resistors

Grid integration amps up

Boris Sedacca reveals how distributed generation alleviates electricity demand spikes

Rapid response to grid events

New hybrid liquid air initiative will provide near-instant response and cost-effective long duration energy storage



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