Grid compliance technology enables windfarm to overcome hurdle

Jon Lawson

Dromadda Beg onshore windfarm in County Kerry is using a static VAR compensator from Severn Drives and Energy to ensure power output complies with rules for connecting to EirGrid, Ireland’s state-owned electric power transmission operator.

The equipment has successfully completed pre-grid and ongoing grid compliance testing, enabling the windfarm to become fully operational.

The static VAR compensator consists of devices that work together to regulate the transmission voltage generated by the windfarm’s three turbines. These include a statcom, a 10-22kv/4MVAR transformer and a liquid-cooling skid.

Severn Drives and Energy supplied, installed and commissioned the equipment within a nine-month timeframe. A remote access and diagnostic package was also commissioned by the firm.

Severn Drives and Energy worked closely with Innogy Renewables Ireland, the windfarm’s owner, to ensure this project ran smoothly.

Jonathan Jones, director of Severn Drives and Energy, says: “Collaboration was a critical success factor, as we had to address the requirements of both innogy and the EirGrid network. We deployed our best specialists, and their synergy with innogy’s engineers played a major part in the success.”